Turchynov: Russian and North Korean regimes are becoming more alike

In his comment on the introduction of the new US anti-Russian sanctions, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov said that he believes the regimes of Russia and North Korea are becoming more similar to each other, and that the world is beginning to understand this, as reported on the website of the National Security and Defense Council reports.

"It is symbolic that in the Bill imposing sanctions, which was passed by the Congress, supported by the Senate, and signed by US President Donald Trump, Russia was mentioned in the same context as North Korea", Turchynov said.

"This shows that the world is beginning to understand that the regimes of these countries are becoming more similar to each other: unpredictable and dangerous," he added.

The NSDC secretary stressed that sanctions are one of the important steps towards complete isolation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the “totalitarian country into which he transformed modern Russia."

"All dictators must remember that a common fate awaits them in the end: total contempt and disgrace," Turchynov said.

On August 2, Trump signed a bill to impose sanctions against Iran, the DPRK, and Russia. The major point of the bil was that it deprived the President of the United States the ability to lift sanctions against Russia without the permission of Congress.
The law combined a large volume of documents on sanctions against Russia that were adopted previously, after the annexation of the Crimea and the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas. The law did not directly introduce any new measures and did not oblige the President to introduce them.

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