Turkey plans to impose retaliatory sanctions on Russia

Turkey is responding to the sanctions imposed by Russia after the SU-24 incident with a list of its own sanctions against Russia, as reported by the Milliyet, a Turkish news outlet. Under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Mehmet Şimşek, a meeting was held to discuss the type of sanctions that would be imposed. A bill specifying sanctions was developed at the meeting and will be submitted for approval to the Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoğlu.

The main provisions of the proposal are:

  • Return any food freight coming through the Russian customs checkpoints;
  • Bring goods already imported from Russia, under special control;
  • Develop processes for the export of textile industry products, chemical products and electronics to other markets to ensure Turkish exporters will not suffer losses;
  • Discuss alternative options and agreements for the purchase of gas with currently contracted companies;
  • Slow down the importation process of goods to Russia transported through Turkey ensuring that all Russian freight is checked carefully;
  • Discuss the suspension of free trade agreements;
  • Force the Russian companies out of the building process of NPPs;
  • Prevent possible difficulties in tourism as a result of cancellations by Russians travellers by offering discounts for tourists from other countries.

Responding to the obstacles for Turkish businesses created by Russia, Turkey will support the procurement and reservation of liquefied gas. The procurement volume of liquefied gas from Nigeria and Algeria will be increased.


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