Turkish media: Russian and Syrian strikes on Aleppo killed 106 civilians over last three days

Over the last three days, air strikes by the Syrian and Russian air forces on the Syrian opposition in Aleppo have taken 106 civilian lives. This was reported by the Turkish Anadolu news agency citing representatives of the Syrian Civil Defense.

According to the sources of the agency, 200 civilians were injured as a result of these air strikes.

“The Russian and Syrian air force have been carrying air raids targeting the eastern parts of Aleppo,” Najib al-Ansari, an Aleppo-based civil defense official, told the Anadolu Agency .

According to him, 12 civilians had been killed only Friday morning in raids carried out by Russian and Syrian planes.

The latest casualties, he said, bring the total death toll in Aleppo over the past three days to 106, while almost 200 others have reportedly been injured over the same period by persistent bombardments.

According to the official of the Syrian Civil Defense, hospitals in the area are in severe need of medications. Al-Ansari went on to accuse the Russian and Syria air forces of indiscriminate bombardment of the opposition-held areas using cluster and incendiary bombs.

Approximately 340,000 people currently live the eastern part of Aleppo. The area has been under siege by the Syrian army since September 4.


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