U.S. Treasury: ISIS Sells Most of Its Oil to the Assad Regime

The "Islamic State" organization has received approximately half a billion dollars from the oil trade.  Most of this amount is directed to the Syrian authorities and some part goes to Kurdish areas and Turkey.

According to the Treasury of the United States, about one third of the capital of the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) comes from trading black market oil.  The IS’s holdings are estimated at about $1.5 billion, said a senior official of the U.S. Treasurer on Thursday, December 10th.

Up to $1 billion looted from Syrian and Iraqi banks are now in the hands of jihadists.  The Deputy Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence of the United States Department of the Treasury, Adam Shubin noted that the majority of illegal oil was sold to the regime of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. "The ISIS and Syrian authorities try to kill each other and simultaneously carry out trading transactions in millions and millions of dollars," he said.

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