Ukraine bans the export of anthracite

Ukraine has blocked the export of anthracite for as long as the state of emergency in the energy sector is in effect, according to Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

“Export is prohibited de-facto, de jure. During the time that the emergency measures are in effect, it cannot be exported,” he said during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Answering a question by Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Ihor Nasalyk said that only coking coal can be exported. The prime minister reacted by saying, “No, it’s all blocked,” but didn’t give further details.

Afterwards, Nasalyk stated that the Cabinet will consider the matter of building up a reserve of anthracite. This reserve may reach 2.5-3 million tons, but the exact figure would have to be determined by the government.

According to the minister, the emergency measures related to energy, in concert with laws governing electricity, are in force for a month, and may continue for another month.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet of Ministers called for the state of emergency in the energy sector of Ukraine because of the railway blockage at the Donbas. This decision was made at special session of the Cabinet.

Later it was revealed that rolling blackouts are scheduled to take place in Ukraine. This is needed in order to balance out the production and consumption of electricity.

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