Ukrainian Government Supports Immediate Announcement of Ceasefire in Donbas Region

The press secretary of Leonid Kuchma, Darya Olifer, reported that Ukraine supports the immediate announcement of a ceasefire. According to her, the initiative comes from the representative of the Russian Federation in the Trilateral Contact Group, Boris Gryzlov.

“Ukraine insists that mine clearing operations and the resolution of political, humanitarian and economic issues aren’t possible without the cessation of hostilities. That is why Ukraine supports Gryzlov’s announcement that a ceasefire has to start immediately,” Olifer wrote on her Facebook page.

The ceasefire was also confirmed by the special representative of OSCE in Trilateral Contact Group tasked with settling the conflict in Ukraine, Martin Sajdik. According to Olifer, special emphasis was given to the issue on release of Ukrainian citizens from captivity.

“At the initiative of Ukraine, all parties have reached mutual agreement on the release of more than 50 people, particularly women, the injured and the seriously ill from both sides in the near future,” the press secretary added.

  Darya Olifer, Ukraine, ceasefire regime, Boris Gryzlov, Martin Sajdik