Ukraine moved to 15th place on the Global Militarization Index

Deutsche Welle has reported that Ukraine has moved up from 23rd place to 15th place in the Global Militarization Index.

The document also stated that the militarization of Eastern Europe continued to proceed at an especially rapid pace during 2016. “The security situation in Europe has changed as a result of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, and the long-running conflict in eastern Ukraine,” the report noted.

Russia has taken fifth place. Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece and Cyprus are all in the top 10. Israel remains the most militarized country in the world out of the 152 countries that were presented in the rankings. This is due to the high number of servicemen among the population of the country.

The United States spends the most in the world on defense even though it was ranked 31st on the list. The author of the survey, Max Muchler, explained that the reason for this is that US military expenses aren’t the largest in the world compared with the country’s GDP and population size.

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