Ukrainian army adds new armored vehicle to its arsenal

On March 21, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak, signed order No. 158, authorizing the use of the Kozak-2 armored personnel carrier in the Ukrainian Armed Forces after it passed all state trials.

According to the order, the vehicle was accepted “in accordance with the procedure for the development and release of new types of defense equipment, and taking into account the positive results of the government tests, with the goal of providing the Ukrainian Armed Forces with armored vehicles.”

This is, in fact, the first vehicle of its class to be adopted into the Ukrainian army. The new armored vehicle was developed and serially produced by a private company, the research and development firm Praktika, which is part of the League of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine.

The specialized Kozak-2 PS3A-5 armored vehicle is designed for the transport of personnel, weapons, military cargo, and equipment on all road and terrain conditions; carrying out tactical operations such as patrolling and escorting military vehicles on special assignments; relaying orders and supporting communication; artillery support for troops in battle; and protecting crew and personnel from small arms fire with a caliber of 7.62 mm, ammunition fragments, and mines.

The Central Automobile Administration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is charged with providing the Kozak-2 PS3A-5 armored vehicle to the army.

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