Ukrainian court seized property of Yanukovych in former state residence

The Ukrainian court seized three warehousing facilities, two garages, three water transport facilities, and valuables from the state residence, Mezhyhirya, belonging to the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

Paintings and other artwork, land, and funds have been confiscated as well, as indicated in the response from the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine to the request of The Ukrainian News.

It is noted that property has been seized under the ongoing criminal proceedings against Yanukovych.

Earlier, it became known that investigators from the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine completed the seizure of movable property of the former Ukrainian President in Mezhyhirya. Thousands of Yanukovych’s household items still remained to be further seized by the court. In the process of documenting the items, Yanukovych’s car fleet was seized, however, the location of two cars has not yet been determined.

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