Ukrainian MFA: Events in the French Parliament may lead to the lifting of sanctions on Russia

Officials in the lower house of the French Parliament have put forward a proposal to abandon pressure on Russia through economic sanctions. This may lead to sanctions being lifted altogether.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine for European Integration, Olena Zerkal, discussed the issue on Channel 5 on Wednesday. When asked about the prospect of continuing European sanctions against Russia, she responded that she thought “it will not be easy, especially given the recent events that took place in the lower house of the French Parliament. A total of 55 deputies adopted a resolution to abandon the policy of sanction pressure”.

She stressed that despite the fact that this resolution was just a recommendation, these actions seem to be a sign of things to come. “It is not a very good sign for us. It shows that the threat of lifting the sanctions does exist,” she said.

However, she added that the European Commission will work to extend the sanctions as there is no reason to lift them.

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