Ukrainian Prosecutor General accuses Russia of plotting terrorist attacks on Ukrainian territory

According to Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, Russia is planning to carry out terrorist attacks on Ukrainian territory, Ukrainskaya Pravda reported.

Lutsenko noted that on September 16th in Rivne, Major Ivan Mamchur, who worked in a detention facility in Rivne, was killed. His killers left DNA traces on the gun and cigarette butts, and the culprits were identified.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General noted that one of the suspects, a resident of Mariupol named Smorodinov, was arrested while trying to cross the border from Russia.

“Smorodinov said that he committed the murder of Mamchur for the Federal Security Service [of Russia] as Mamchur earlier had served in the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Lutsenko said.

“Russia is preparing a number of terrorist acts on our territory,” the Prosecutor General summed.

According to him, Ukraine is in a state of undeclared but real war.

Earlier the Security Service of Ukraine stated that they had prevented the kidnapping and murder of a former officer of Russian special services who had earlier shifted sides to Ukraine, Ilya  Bogdanov.

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