Ukrainian accused of plotting to blow up Russian Embassy has been acquitted

Ukrainian citizen, Vadim Bezkorovainy, who was accused of preparing terrorist acts against the Russian embassy in London, has been aquitted by a jury trial. The case hearing took place in the Central Criminal Court of London on November 13. However, he has not been released yet as it appears he has been staying in Great Britain illegally using a Polish passport under the name of Karol Beletski. Now he is facing a deportation.

Bezkorovainy was arrested in March 2014 in the suburb of London and was accused of planning a terrorist attack on the Russian Embassy. The case file shows that he was searching on the Internet for the instructions on how to make a bomb, made a video of himself with a Molotov cocktail and also thoroughly analysed the building of Russian Embassy and the adjacent territory.

The Ukrainian denied the accusations and stated that he was planning to take part in the military actions in Ukraine and the video was made for a propaganda website.

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