Ukrtransgaz claims Gazprom does not provide sufficient gas pressure in pipeline at entrance of Ukraine's gas transport system

PJSC Ukrtransgaz has documented Gazprom’s contract violations with regard to pressure in the pipeline at the entrance to Ukraine’s gas transport system, Ukrtransgaz press secretary Maksym Bilyavskiy posted on Facebook.

"Gazprom continues to violate contract pressures, anyway. A sharp decline by 9% from the norm was recorded at the Russian station Sudzha. In spite of this, Ukraine fulfills transit application and provides necessary pressures at the western border,” he wrote.

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and Ukrtransgaz in 2016 repeatedly recorded systematic “failures” of gas pressures from the Russian side of the border below the contract level. In doing so, Gazprom significantly complicated the implementation of its gas transport applications to Europe.

Naftogaz noted that in such circumstances, the Ukrainian GTS operator has to significantly adjust its work, bearing extra expenses to balance transit.

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