US and Ukraine begin planning Sea Breeze-2017 naval exercises

The initial conference of dedicated to planning of the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze-2017 has been completed in Odessa. The theme of the exercises will be the planning and conducting of the international peacekeeping operation in the crisis area.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported on their web site that Ukrainian and American servicemen as well as representatives of Georgia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Romania, Canada, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Moldova and Turkey took part in the conference.

The participants of the conference agreed on the schedule for the future exercises, the components of of the command and maneuvers.The aspects of logistic planning and relations with media have been discussed, and also the locations of combat exercises and training have been determined.

After the conference the participants will coordinate with the military command of their countries the items that were agreed upon at the conference.

The Sea Breeze-2017 exercises will combine theoretical and practical components and will be conducted according to NATO standards.

  Ukraine, US, Sea Breeze