Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine: Russia has isolated itself from Eurovision-2017

Russia has isolated itself from the Eurovision-2017 singing competition that will be held in Kyiv, as stated by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, on Ukrainske radio.

"Russia has isolated itself from Eurovision-2017. Moreover, as a result of this decision, the Kremlin has deprived all Russian people of the opportunity to see this fantastic and wonderful show, in which 42 countries not only from Europe but the whole world will take part," Kyrylenko said. "But we also know that millions of Russians, thanks to satellite television and the Internet, and regardless of the will of the Russian authorities will watch the broadcast of the contest from Ukraine, from Kyiv."

According to Kyrylenko, preparations for Eurovision in Kyiv are accelerating. In the International Exhibition Center where the event will take place, hundreds of specialists from different countries are at work. The audience stands are already being set and the main stage is almost built. It weighs 30 tons, is 14 meters high and 17 meters wide. The facility stands 28 meters deep, taking up a floor area of 350 square meters.

"Several more unique things will be offered by Ukraine at the current Eurovision Song Contest, and all those who have goodwill, who want peace and friendship all over the world and in Europe, will participate in the contest and will watch it," Kyrylenko summed up.

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