What Makes Islamic State Different From Other Terrorists?

The Islamic State is a terrorist movement aimed at the creation of the theocratic Caliphate. Western media began to report about the new terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) in the summer of 2013. Early reports were of mass killings and public executions. In June 2014, terrorists established the Caliphate and started to call themselves Islamic State.

Videos began to appear on the Internet that featured ISIS terrorists beheading journalists and employees of charity organizations. These videos incensed the Western community. This was followed by bloody terrorist acts in Muslim countries and around the world. Islamic State took responsibility for the latest terrorist acts: the crash of a Russian charter aircraft over Sinai, which took the lives of 224 people and the spate of terrorism in Paris that killed 130 people.

The Composition of the Islamic State

Islamic State controls significant territorial gains in Iraq and Syria. The group plans to extend the Caliphate into Libyan, Jordanian and the Palestinian territories. Their ultimate goal is the Worldwide Islamic Caliphate. The exact number of ISIL fighters is unknown. It may vary from thirty thousand to two hundred thousand people. German experts estimate about 50 thousand active fighters. Their combat-ready coreconsists mostly of former Army troops of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

But the number of non-Muslim members is constantly increasing. 760 people from Germany travelled to Syria and Iraq in order to fight for Islamic State or other terrorist groups. There are several British and Frenchmen within the ISIL forces. The Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Oleg Syromolotov reported on November 19ththat 2,719 Russians left the country and travelled to Syria. Of that number, 160 were killed, 73returned and were convicted, and 36 were arrested.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the session of the CIS Council of the Heads ofState, reported that up to 7000 residents of Russia and CIS countries have joined Islamic State.

Islamic State Ideology

The ideology of Islamic State is based on Wahhabism. It is a religious-political movement in Islam that calls for the return to old Islam. Wahhabismis Saudi Arabia’s state religion and main ideology. Qatar provides financial support to the worldwide spread of Wahhabism. However, Saudi Arabia and Qatar officially belong to the Coalition against Islamic State, which is headed by the USA. These countries claim that Islamic Stateis a perversion Wahhabism. They were outraged by the claims of the Head of Islamic State, Abu Bakra al-Bahdadi regarding the role of Caliph, the Head of all Muslims.

Islamic State requires the strict observance of Sharia law – a medieval package of laws and precepts about everyday life. In particular, men are ordered to wear beards while women must wear veils. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited. Violations are punishable by lashes or the death penalty. Any dissent is heavily punished. People of other faiths or convictions, whether they be Christians, Muslims, Yezidis or Jews can obtain the right to life only by Islamic State grace.

ISIS Funding 

Unlike other terrorist groups, Islamic State is trying to organize State structures. These are the Tax Committee, Vice Police, religious schools and social services in territories under their control. Islamic State has significant financial means. Initially, it was funded by affluent donors from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. When Islamic State occupied Mosul they captured modern arms and banks. Recently, they have been illegally trading oil straight from captured deposits. The art and relics trade is another prime source of their income.

Disgusting charm of the Islamic State’s ideology

What attracts young people from all over the world into Islamic Sate’s ranks? Experts say that their first motivation is money, an important factor for new recruits from the Middle East. Examples are Central Asian Republics and the North Caucasus. Their second motivation is psychological. For young people, Jihadism gives the feeling of rightness in all things in this historical battle between devout followers of Islam and the infidels.

The cold-blooded, violent murders committed by Islamic State and the posting of videos of these murders in social networks create an illusion of omnipotence. This is especiallytrue of mentally unstable young people who consider themselves outcasts of Western society. Islamic State’s ideology gives them an illusion of family, a simple and right life, and the feeling of being exceptional.

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