Norway detains Russian citizen suspected of terrorism

The Oslo District Court made a decision to arrest a 20-year-old Russian for a month. The Russian man allegedly attacked a woman with a knife at a supermarket. The victim’s condition is critical, reported Aftenposten.

Ola Lunde, a lawyer from Bashkortostan, claims his client's personality as inadequate. According to the lawyer, the Russian man is convinced that all Christians deserve death.

“Detention is necessary for the public. I can state this regardless of the fact that I am his lawyer,” he said. “He poses a threat to people’s life and health. He can go out, take a bus and carry out a terrorist act,” the lawyer said.

In addition, the court ordered a psychiatric examination of the attacker.

“We are at the early stage of the investigation of the first terrorist attack in Norway after June 22 (2011, the day of Andreas Breivik’s terrorist attack),” the police said.

The Russian man had stayed in Sweden for a few hours before arriving in Norway on Thursday. He bought the knife in Oslo and probably chose the victim at random.

“During interrogation, the man said that he wanted to kill several people and that it was a terrorist attack,” the police representative said.

The lawyer of the 20-year-old Russian said that he planned to carry out several terrorist attacks in Norway and other European countries.

“He is a lonely wolf and has acted alone. He has no connections in Russia and is not affiliated with ISIS,” the lawyer said.

Under Article 131 of the Norwegian Penal Code on terrorist attacks, the attacker will have to face up to 21 years in prison.

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