Over the past 3 days, Ukrainian artillery has destroyed 7 Russian military warehouses in Donbas

Over the past three days, at least 7 facilities have been destroyed in the occupied Donetsk, where the Russians held significant stocks of ammunition since 2014, reported the Ukrainian website InformNapalm, citing its sources.

InformNapalm’s sources claim that the Russian warehouses were destroyed by "high-precision strikes" with 7 shots hitting 7 targets.

"The destroyed ammunition depot in the occupied Khrustalnyi (Krasny Luch) alone had up to 1 thousand tons of ammunition," InformNapalm specifies.

According to InformNapalm , the Russian troops are trying to "diminish the successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces" by shooting at the city center with smaller caliber artillery in order to instill fear in the local population and stop rumors about the high accuracy strikes of the Ukrainian Forces on ammunition depots.

"A range of testimonies of various insiders gives us a rough idea of the situation there and inspires cautious optimism that high-precision weapons started working on the front lines. Using them the Ukrainian army reduces combat capabilities of the Russian army and cuts off the offensive potential of the Russians in the Donbas," the journalists explain.

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