Peskov: Putin’s statement on consequences of 'Kyiv provocation' during World Cup needs no explanation

The statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin that there will be “severe consequences” if there is “provocation from Kyiv” during the 2018 World Cup needs no clarification, Presidential Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said during a press conference on Wednesday, June 13.

“President Putin sets out his thoughts extremely clearly, and says what he means. What was said is quite straightforward,” Peskov responded when asked to explain what Putin meant.

In a broadcast of the Direct Line TV show on June 7, DPR military advisor and writer Zakhar Prilepin asked Putin to comment on what would happen if Kyiv used the FIFA World Cup as an opportunity to initiate an offensive operation in the Donbas. The Russian president responded that such “provocation” from the Armed Forces of Ukraine would have “extremely severe consequences for the Ukrainian state as a whole”.

Putin said that he hoped there would be no such “provocations” during the World Cup.

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