Poland calls into question capabilities of Russian S-400 missile systems

Russia’s S-400 anti-air missile system does not correspond to its stated characteristics, wrote Polish news outlet Gazeta.

According to the Polish newspaper, the Russian aerial defense systems stationed in Kaliningrad are not capable of destroying aircraft in Polish airspace, because the detection range of the S-400’s radar depends directly on the topography and the curvature of the earth.

For radar to detect a target, it must be raised several kilometers above the surface of the earth. At the same time, the S-400’s masts can lift the radar no higher than 25 m. For this reason, the article’s author writes, the system cannot “see” as far as its designers claim. The stated range of the aerial defense system is merely a marketing ploy, and an attempt to frighten potential enemies, the author claims.

He believes that the US-produced MIM-104 Patriot system with its IBCS that has been adopted by the Polish army is considerably superior to the Russian S-400 with respect to its microelectronics, since the S-400’s microelectronics are based on outdated Soviet circuitry.

However, the author admits that Russia’s Iskander missile system, if deployed in Kaliningrad, would be capable of reaching virtually any target in Poland.

China, Turkey and India have purchased Russian S-400 systems. The US has threatened to impose sanctions on any countries which buy Russian weaponry.

The S-400 “Triumph” is an anti-air missile system that can destroy modern offensive airborne targets, including ballistic missiles. It has a stated detection range of up to 600 km, and a destruction range of 400 km.

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