Poland to stop importing Russian coal

Polish state-owned companies intend to stop buying coal from Russia, said Polish Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin in a broadcast of radio RMF FM.

In addition to Russia, the state-owned company will stop importing coal from South America, Columbia, Mozambique and the US.

According to information cited by the Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, in 2018 Poland purchased 20 million tons of coal from abroad, of which 13.5 million was from Russia. The primary importer of Russian coal is the state-owned company Wéglokoks and the Polish Energy Group (PGE).

In September it was reported that the Russia-based Kuzbass Fuel Company (KTK) had signed an agreement with Russian Railways to increase coal deliveries and processing in Kaliningrad for subsequent delivery to Poland. It was noted that two train stations would be used – Dzherzhinskaya-Novaya and Chernyakhovsk, each of which could later transport up to 2 million tons of coal to Poland.

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