Polish Interior Minister: Merkel lost votes for opening Germany’s borders to refugees

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak believes that Angela Merkel’s party could have gotten many more votes if not for the migration crisis in the European Union and the decision of the German Chancellor to open the borders to refugees. He stated this on Sunday in the evening program of Polish television.

"Chancellor Merkel paid a high price for her decision of 2015 to open the borders of Germany," Błaszczak said. In his opinion, this step was "a violation of EU legislation" made without agreement with other countries of the Union.

According to the Polish politician, Merkel must draw conclusions from the result of this election. He expressed the hope that these conclusions would not lead to events like Brexit "because the policy of the European Commission, the policy of several European Union countries led to such an attitude of British society," he stated.

On Sunday, parliamentary elections took place in Germany. Merkel won the fourth term in office, despite heavy losses for her party.

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