Polish president: Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine, it is also behaving aggressively towards other countries, and is flaunting its power by violating other countries’ airspace.

“And so you can’t say that it’s a trustworthy state, which realizes its interests in a peaceful way. We are absolute supporters of complying with international law, whereas by Russia it is being clearly and consistently violated. On many occasions we have protested against this, defending Ukraine or Georgia. Of course, Moscow doesn’t like this,” the Polish president told the Polish weekly Sieci in an interview, Polskie Radio reports.

Duda added that Russia also dislikes the presence of NATO troops in Poland.

“They definitely enhance our security, and under the conditions of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the Baltic states also need this presence,” he remarked.

Duda has begun an election campaign in the hopes of being elected for a second term. He hopes to run with the slogan “A Poland for all”. The ruling party has supported his candidacy. The polls indicate that Duda has an excellent chance of being reelected.

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