Poroshenko: No oligarch can count on privileges in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claimed in a recent interview with the German magazine Focus that oligarchs in Ukraine cannot count on privileges, Ukrinform reports. Magazine staff accompanied Poroshenko on his tour of Ukraine, releasing the interview with the President in an edition released May 5.

When asked how difficult it is to complicate the lives of Ukraine’s powerful oligarchic groups while being an oligarch himself, Poroshenko stated that there is “no impediment.”

 “Over the past four years, I have proved that no oligarch can count on privileges,” the President stated. “On the contrary, I am attacked by oligarchs; their media spreads fake news about me.”

When the interviewer requested the President complete a sentence beginning with “I love money, because…”, Poroshenko answered that he “does not like money.”

When asked to compare his actions to the roles of politicians and businessmen, the President stated that he is doing “everything possible in business and politics, because the fate of this very great nation depends on it.” He added: “If necessary, I’ll sacrifice my life for it.”

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