Poroshenko: Ukraine creates a naval base on the Sea of Azov

In a post on his Facebook page, President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko welcomed the deployment of Ukrainian military vessels into the Sea of Azov and noted that these ships “will become part of the newly created Ukrainian naval base in the Azov."

 “Congratulations to our warships, the search, and rescue ship A500 Donbas and the tugboat A830 Korets, on the deployment to the Sea of Azov. These ships will be part of the newly created Ukrainian naval base fleet in Azov. Thanks to the crews of the ships for a faultlessly executed order,” said the Ukrainian president.

Two ships belonging to the Ukrainian Navy, which are headed to Berdyansk, passed through the Kerch bridge on September 23rd and are headed to the sea of Azov. The situation is monitored from above by a US reconnaissance aircraft.

The Sea of Azov has recently become a place of multiple provocations from Russian security, majorly from the boarder guards who detain ships headed to Ukrainian ports or coming from them.  


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