Poroshenko: We will restore Donetsk airport under the Ukrainian flag

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated that Ukraine would liberate the Donbas and would be able to restore the Donetsk airport, Interfax-Ukraine reports

“Defenders of the Donetsk airport laid the foundation for our victory and it will come. And God willing, one peaceful day, in the peaceful and liberated Donbas we will all gather on the runway of the Donetsk airport, near its terminals, near the famous tower just to stand there in silence listening to the echoes of relentless fighting and to imagine and to feel just for a second what our warrior cyborgs [Ukrainian defenders of Donetsk airport] went through,” Poroshenko said on Sunday at the ceremony in Kyiv honoring the soldiers killed during the defense of Donetsk airport. 

“We will rebuild the Donetsk airport and there will be always a Ukrainian flag on its high control tower that cyborgs raised again and again under fire and shells,” Poroshenko said.

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