Serbian President intends to discuss situation in Kosovo with Putin on October 2

At a press conference, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that he plans to discuss the situation in Kosovo at the coming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and ask for his support.  

"Today, we have notified the ambassador of the Russian Federation, as well as the US ambassador and others of the situation. In two days, I will be meeting with President Putin. We will be speaking about important issues for Serbia, therefore the situation in Kosovo and Metohija will definitely be the focus. We will inform Putin of latest developments and will ask for his support at all international forums. Undoubtedly, we will ask him for advice,” Vučić said.

When asked by reporters whether he will ask Russia for military assistance like Syrian President Bashar Asad did, Vučić said that he will do his best to preserve peace in the region. "I would prefer Serbia - with all our respect and love for Syria and its people - to be a peaceful country, a country with developed economy, a country of the future and I will do my best to preserve peace," he noted.

The Serbian media, the meeting will take place in Moscow on October 2.

Earlier on Saturday, several dozen troops of Kosovo’s Special Forces were deployed to the north of the province inhabited by Serbs despite the fact that it is banned under international treaties. The Special Forces took positions around Gazivoda Lake and took control over the local hydroelectric power plant. In addition, they enetred the environment center in the village of Zubin Potok. In this regard, the president of Serbia ordered the country’s Armed Forces and Special Forces of the police to go on the highest combat alert and lodged a protest with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

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