Pro-Russian militant leaders call on Putin to recognize Donbas republics

The leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasecniks, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to recognize the independence of pseudo-republics, reports RIA Novosti.

Pushilin said that the Ukrainian authorities allegedly decided to resolve the conflict by force, so he asks Putin to consider concluding a cooperation agreement between Russia and Donetsk People’s Republic.

Puhsiliyn also asked to include in the agreement between Russia and the pseudo-republic the possibility of defense cooperation.

Pasechnik has also made a similar request to Putin.

The appeals of the militant leaders were broadcast on Russian state-run TV channels, interrupting the regular TV programming. Putin opened the meetings of the Security Council right after the appeals of the militant leaders.

Before the emergency meeting of the Federation Council of Russia, Pushilin said that there was fighting with Ukrainian Armed Forces on the border with Russia.

  Pushilin, Pasechnik, DPR, LPR