Pro-Turkish militants attack Russian special forces in Syria

According to information provided by the militants of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (Syrian National Army), the Russian military was attacked in the South-Eastern part of the Syrian province of Idlib. Several Russian soldiers were killed. The militants have presented material evidence, photos, and videos, but for unknown reasons, the command of the Russian military group in Syria didn't give any comments.

"Militants of the Pro-Turkish Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir group (National Front for Liberation) published a video, which allegedly shows Russian special forces being ambushed in the area of Ajaz in southern Idlib province. Earlier, Pro-Turkish militants have already reported that units of the Russian special forces attempted to conduct an operation behind their lines. The nearest observation post of the Russian Armed Forces is located 15 kilometers East of the place of the alleged ambush, in the village of Khader. Next to it, on the other side of the front line, there is another observation post of the Turkish Armed Forces," reports Directorate 4 Telegram Channel.

The militants published the corresponding video as a proof and showed the lost items of the Russian military, among which there are radios and Saint George icons.

Earlier, the information was confirmed by the Arab media. However, there have been no comments from representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the presented materials, the incident occurred almost three months ago.

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