Protesters rally across Russia against pension reform and ‘prohibitive laws'

In a large number of Russian cities, citizens have taken to the streets to protest against the pension reform and “prohibitive laws”. The rallies were held on 23 March as part of an all-Russian protest to protect citizens’ socio-economic rights that was organized by the Communist Party.

One of the first cities to see a series of protests was Vladivostok. Locals rallied against the pension reform, the “garbage issue”, and more localized problems such as coal dust pollution, deforestation, and problems with developments and shareholders being scammed.

Protesters also took to the streets in the Transbaikal, complaining that “the country’s economy is at a standstill, natural resources are being plundered,” and that the forests are disappearing and the agro-industrial complex is dying. The rally participants adopted a resolution which they intend to deliver to the local authorities and the national government and president.

There was a protest on the same topics in Krasnoyarsk, which culminated in a resolution demanding the resignation of President Putin and the entire Russian government.

Around 500 people took part in a similar protest in Novosibirsk. Activists protested against the pension reform and the “garbage tariff”. Local police drew up a report on one of the participants for a questionable poster.

Protesters also rallied in Noyabrsk, calling for the abolition of the pension reform and a solution to the garbage issue. The activists pointed out that the state is responsible for ecological problems, “but it transfers this to citizens, introducing a fee ‘for garbage’ or another tax”. Similarly, they concluded the rally by passing a resolution.

The city of Samara also saw a protest against the garbage reform, the increase in prices and the cuts in business, which was attended by around 70 people. They demanded the abolition of the garbage tax, and criticized the new route network planned for the city of Perm and the laws on fake news. Protesters adopted a resolution demanding the abolition of the garbage tax and the preservation of the current transport network in Perm.

Social activists in Yaroslavl brought up several topics – school catering, medicine for social benefit recipients, and the activity of the regional garbage operator. They accused officials of acting “brazenly”, and called for the reinstatement of the prior system of rebates for school lunches.

In Kazan, defrauded shareholders, emergency workers, investors in the TFB and opponents of the new general city plan took to the streets. There were around 150 protesters, most of them pensioners.

Between 350 and 400 people protested in Pskov, primarily about ecological issues.

A rally was also held in Sevastopol, and was attended by communists, city residents, members of the communist youth league, members of the women’s organization “Hope of Russia”, and representatives of the “Russian Way” movement.

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