Putin announces Russian foreign policy change

At a meeting of ambassadors and permanent representatives at the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry on Thursday, July 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that foreign policy should be more economically-oriented to match the rising tide of protectionism on the world stage, TASS reports.

According to Putin, the principle of competition and openness in global trade is becoming more frequently replaced by protectionism, economic benefit and expediency, by ideological conjuncture and political pressure, while economic ties and the freedom of entrepreneurship are becoming an object of politicization. 

“Against this background, Russia’s foreign policy must become more economically oriented and more rational,” Putin stated.

On May 24, the Press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov stated that Putin would let no cross the “red lines” of the country’s national interests. He stressed that the foreign political course of Putin is consistent and constructive. 

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