Putin announces testing of new missile with nuclear engine

Russia is testing a new cruise missile with nuclear propulsion, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in an address in front of the Federal Assembly.

He showed a video of the missile being tested. According to Putin, the new missile has an unlimited range and an unpredictable flight trajectory.

“No one else has such a weapon,” Putin observed. And when it appears “our boys will think up something new”, he added.

The new missile has not yet been assigned a name. Putin encouraged people to send suggestions to the Defense Ministry.

During Putin’s speech, a 3D video was screened of the launch of a “Sarmat” ballistic missile equipped with a system to bypass anti-missile defenses. The Russian leader accused the US of installing anti-missile defense systems throughout the world, and remarked that the Russian defense industry would not stay in one place, but would invent ways to overcome these systems.

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