Putin bans Russian military from disclosing their affiliation with Russian Army

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree prohibiting the Russian military from disclosing their affiliation with the Russian army on the Internet or social media.

The dissemination of such information will henceforth be considered a gross misconduct, TASS reports, citing the presidential decree published on the website of legal information.

According to the document amending the Disciplinary Charter of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of 2007, military personnel will also be prohibited from disclosing data on persons dismissed from military service, members of their families or their parents, including information "allowing to determine the location of these persons."

In addition, military personnel are not allowed to disclose information about the location of military administrations. They are also prohibited from carrying electronic devices which can be used to store information, or which allow the distribution of audio, photo and video footage and geolocation data over the Internet, during combat operations, performing tasks under state of emergency or martial law, armed conflicts, suppression of international terrorist activities outside the Russian Federation, combat duty, participation in ground or naval exercises.

The President also made a number of changes to the Charter of garrison and guard services of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In particular, the heads of the guard, their assistants, watchmaking personnel are now prohibited not only to use personal means of communication, but also to carry electronic household products, which can be used for media storage or which allow to distribute over the Internet audio, photo and video materials and geolocation data. The same prohibition applies to the personnel in the guard rooms.

The same decree amended the Charter of Russian military police . The ban on the use of electronic products, which can disclose geolocation of a soldier, applies, among other things, to the military police.

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