Putin brags of ‘superior’ Russian hypersonic weapons

Russia has been developing missile systems that fly in a flat trajectory at hypersonic speeds, and has also created other technologies that are unparalleled in the rest of the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin told RT, Al Arabiya and Sky News Arabia in an interview ahead of a visit to Saudi Arabia. A transcript of the interview was published on the official website of the Russian President.

“These are missile systems that fly in a straight trajectory at a hypersonic speed. No one has hypersonic weapons yet. Without a doubt, they will appear sooner or later in the world’s leading armies. But by that time we’ll have something too. I already know what our scientists, instructors and engineers are working on,” the Russian President said.

Putin remarked that Russia is concerned by the current situation surrounding international strategic stability and security. He mentioned the US’s decision in 2002 to withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which Putin claims “was the cornerstone of all strategic security systems in the world”. He noted that the treaty limited the anti-missile defense capabilities that could be developed by both the US and the Soviet Union. According to Putin, the idea was that neither country could be under the illusion that it could win a nuclear war.

According to Putin, the emerging arms race is “an established fact”. “Unfortunately, this is the case,” he remarked.

The Russian leader said he has warned his US colleagues that Moscow has no plans to spend large amounts of money developing anti-missile defense systems. Instead, to maintain “strategic balance”, Russia intends to develop strike systems that can overcome any anti-missile defenses, Putin added.

Previously Putin expressed hope that the arms race would not lead to a new Cold War. However, he claimed that Russia would be affected “the least” in any case.

Putin unveiled Russia’s latest hypersonic weapons, including the Sarmat and Avangard missile systems, nuclear-powered cruise missiles and Kinzhal aircraft missile systems, during his address to the Federal Assembly in March 2018.

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