Putin: foreign countries attempted to prevent Russia's military operation in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club that some foreign partners tried to prevent the beginning of the Russian military operation in Syria.

"Some foreign partners, with whom we work in the international arena, tried to interfere, and to impede[the operations of the Russian Armed Forces]," said Putin.

The Russian President recalled that the decision to start the operation was made in 2015 and was discussed at the session of the Valdai Club. According to Putin,  many didn't believe then that the operation could end positively. "Many asked questions why is it necessary, whether we have an understanding, asked why we are going into  that hornet's nest," said Russian President.

Putin also noted that as a result of the operation in Syria, "international terrorist groups" were defeated, and the operation helped to prevent the infiltration of "hundreds, maybe thousands of armed thugs" to Russia. The Russian President said that the settlement of the situation in Syria could become a model for resolving similar crises in the future.

  Putin, Syria