Putin: No one should think of going to war with Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is not going to fight with anyone.

"We are not going to fight with anyone, but we are creating such a situation in the defense, so that no one would think to fight with us," he said in an interview with TASS for the project "20 questions to Vladimir Putin".

Putin reminded that Russia is the seventh largest in the world in terms of military spending. The United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France and Japan are ahead in this indicator.

Earlier, Putin said that Russia for the first time in history is at the front in the level of advanced weapons development.

"Today we have a unique situation in our new and modern history: others are trying to catch up with us. No country in the world has hypersonic weapons at all, and intercontinental hypersonic weapons - even more so," Putin said.

He also specified that Russian new state armament program for the period until 2033 should include the expansion of the range of laser and hypersonic weapons, as well as the creation of new combat robots.

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