Putin: Russia’s economic growth will outpace the world

Speaking at a rally of the ruling party, United Russia, President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that the Russian economy will grow faster than the world economy.

“Economic crises and foreign restrictions prevented us from achieving the task of our economy surpassing the world economy in terms of growth. But we must do this. And we will do this,” the President promised. Putin also said that he expected Russia to bridge the gap between it and the world’s leading countries in terms of GDP per capita, and to take a firm position among the top five largest global economies.

“Our successful, large and developing companies must champion the world’s market,” Putin said, pointing to the development of small and medium businesses as the most important task for the upcoming years.

“Russia must become a platform for real economic freedom for all entrepreneurial souls, tens of thousands of start-ups, small family companies, farmers and businessmen,” Putin said promising to continue relaxing legislation and getting rid of dubious, ambiguous, legal norms hindering businesses.

As earlier reported, the Russian Federation scheduled its Presidential Elections for March 18, 2018. Twenty-three candidates declared their intention to participate in the race. The most prominent candidates include Vladimir Putin, Grigory Yavlinsky, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Ksenia Sobchak and Russian Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin.

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