Putin: Russia will fight for influence in Africa

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to increase cooperation with African countries. "We are ready not to redistribute wealth, but to compete for cooperation with Africa. This cooperation should be civilized and be developed in accordance to laws," said Russian President.

Putin noted that not only the United States but also China, India, Turkey, the Gulf States, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and Israel are interested in cooperation with African countries.

"And it is not an accident, Africa is becoming a continent of opportunity. It has huge resources, potential economic attractiveness. And where there are significant prospects for investment and profit, there is a competition. Unfortunately, sometimes this competition goes beyond the bounds of decency," said Putin, as quoted by TASS.

He said that "several Western countries use pressure, intimidation and blackmail against the governments of sovereign African countries, trying to regain lost influence and dominant positions in the former colonies. They are "repackaging" their actions in order to  pump out super profits, exploit the African continent without regard to the people living here, and environmental and other risks."

"Probably, that's why they are trying to prevent the establishment of closer relations between Russia and Africa, as they don't want for anyone to interfere in their policy," concluded Russian President.

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