Member of Russian Night Wolves biker club affiliated with Putin denied entry into Ukraine and banned for three years

On Saturday, February 17, Ukrainian border guards refused entry to a Russian biker nicknamed “Vodyanoy" of the Night Wolves Russian motorcycle club, the Ukrainian State Border Service reports.

On Saturday, Vodyanoy arrived on a flight to Boryspil airport where law enforcement officers established that he was a member of the notorious motorcycle gang that had strong connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the border control process, he was informed of the three-year ban on entering Ukraine and then he was sent back to Russia.

The border guards explained that they continue to track people who might try entering the country to destabilize it.

The Night Wolves Biker Club is a pro-Kremlin organization. President Putin has repeatedly met with his representatives, maintaining close ties with them. From 2012, the club has been receiving multimillion-dollar grants from the federal budget of Russia. However, in 2017, the club was denied a presidential grant.

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