Putin suggests bringing Taliban into ‘family of civilized nations’

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed a desire to establish ties with the Taliban militants who captured Afghanistan.

"Russia is not interested in Afghanistan’s disintegration . If this happens, then there will be no one to talk to. And if this is so, then we need to think about the fact that the sooner the Taliban enters, so to speak, into the family of civilized nations, the easier it will be to contact, communicate and somehow influence them, " said Putin at the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, reports Interfax.

In Putin’s opinion, establishing contacts with the Taliban is important for ensuring the security of the Russian Federation and it is necessary “to stand together to fight these problems." Putin believes that there should be a joint effort to recognize the Taliban.

Putin also commented on the words of US President Joe Biden that now it is necessary to focus on continuing to counter China and Russia.

"Listen, in this case you should deal first with those with whom you fought for 20 years, and then say that you will counter Russia and China," Putin said.

Despite his proposal to recognize the Taliban, Putin also said that it is necessary to fight terrorism together.

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