Putin warns Europe of irreversible consequences due to anti-Russian sanctions

Citizens of the European Union and the poorest countries will face the most difficult consequences due to the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a government meeting on economic issues. According to Putin, the restrictive measures introduced by the West against Russia contribute to the global crisis.

"These sanctions largely provoke a global crisis," Vladimir Putin said. "Their masterminds, guided by short-sighted, inflated political ambitions and Russophobia, to a greater extent hurt their own national interests, their own economies, the well-being of their citizens."

In particular, Putin drew attention to the sharp increase in inflation in Europe. According to him, in some countries the yearly rate of inflation has reached 20%, and in the eurozone as a whole, consumer prices have increased more than 11%.

"It is obvious that due to objective economic laws, the continued obsession with sanctions, if I may say so, will inevitably lead to the most complex, hard-to-reverse consequences for the European Union, for its citizens, as well as for the poorest countries in the world, which already face the risks of hunger," Putin warned.

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