Representatives of Serbia and Kosovo meet in Minsk

The meeting of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić and the leader of the Kosovo separatists, Hashim Thaçi took place on October 31 in Minsk, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Vladimir Makei told journalists as quoted by BelTA news agency. 

According to the Foreign Minister of Belarus, during the discussion devoted to the relations between Serbia and Kosovo, representatives of both sides frequently used the words “dialogue” and “compromise”.

“Even this makes this meeting important. The parties show their readiness for the dialogue. And Belarus understands the dialogue as the only way to solve all problems. And we always advocate it," the Minister stated.
Makei said dialogue “was important so that the parties could hear each other once again”, where, according to him, there are some problems. The Belarusian Foreign Minister believes that the relationship between Priština and Belgrade is characterized by the constant tensions.

“We don’t like it because we suffer from this in political, economic and humanitarian terms. The goal of the meeting is to find common ground that will allow to solve the problems which are rampant in the region," the Foreign Minister stressed.  

The meeting of the main group of the Munich conference on Security is taking place on October 31 to November 1 in Minsk. Hashim Thaçi, who is represented in the English-speaking program of the Summit as “a President of Kosovo” was also invited to the conference.

Minsk officially did not recognize the independence of the Republic of Kosovo declared in 2008. In March, during the meeting with Serbian Ambassador in Belarus Veljko Kovačević ,Makei confirmed the position of Belarus regarding the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia and stressed readiness to support Serbia in various international platforms."

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