Russia accuses Norway of violating Svalbard Treaty

The Russian Embassy in Norway said that Oslo violates its obligations under the Svalbard archipelago treaty. "There are problems with Svalbard [Treaty]. Our issues are practical and need to be addressed," reads the statement published on the Russian Embassy’s Facebook page.

According to the Russian Embassy, Oslo violates the agreement because it issues "permits for the development of oil and gas deposits in the areas of the continental shelf which fall under the treaty."

The Russian Embassy claims that because of this Russian companies are not able to participate in tenders for some prospective deposits. According to diplomats, a similar situation exists with regards to other mineral resources.

The Embassy demanded that "Norway comply with its international obligations" and offered to resolve the issues through negotiations and consultations.

The Embassy noted that Russia does not dispute Norwegian sovereignty over Svalbard.

According to the 1920 Svalbard Treaty, Norway gained sovereignty over the archipelago, but the parties to the agreement can use its natural resources and territorial waters.

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