Russia asks Germany for Navalny’s medical treatment details

The German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection has confirmed that it has received a request from the Russian Prosecutor General's Office for legal assistance in connection with the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is being treated in a Berlin hospital, writes Zeit with reference to Welt am Sonntag.

The Russian side asked for the results of the tests and information about the preliminary diagnosis. According to Welt am Sonntag, the request was received by the German Ministry of Justice on August 27.

Earlier, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office said that it had asked Germany for legal details in connection with Navalny’s treatment. In particular, the Russian authorities asked for "explanations, information and evidence of the preliminary diagnosis, as well as documents pertaining to medical data and research of German specialists both during the transportation of the Russian citizen from Russia to Germany, and his stay in the Charite Hospital."

The Russian Prosecutor General's Office added that there was no evidence of "deliberate criminal acts" against Navalny.

Alexei Navalny became ill during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow on August 20. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Omsk. The Russian opposition leader was taken to the hospital from the airport. He fell into a coma. Navalny’s supporters believe that he was poisoned. However, the head doctor of the hospital where the politician was taken, Alexander Murakhovsky, stated that the examination did not confirm the poisoning of the oppositionist with a chemical substance.

On August 22, Navalny was taken to Berlin Charite hospital for treatment. German doctors said that clinical tests indicate poisoning by a substance from a group of cholinesterase inhibitors.

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