Russia authorizes Syria to use S-300 missile systems against Israel

After repeated incidents of Israel attacking targets in Syria despite certain agreements with Russia,  the Syrian military has received permission to use its Russian-made aerial defense systems against Israel, provided that Syria takes responsibility for the consequences, reports Russian news outlet citing its source.

“Russia has authorized the Syrian military to bring the S-300 to full combat readiness and attack Israeli aircraft if there is the slightest threat,” the source claimed.

It is interesting to note that this report surfaced one day after Israeli F-35 fighters conducted new missile attacks against Syria, completely ignoring Moscow’s stance on the matter.

According to certain sources, by the end of the month the Syrian army could also have BAVAR-373 aerial defense systems at their disposal, which are similar to the Russian S-300s and can detect stealth targets, including Israeli F-35s, up to 150-180 km away.

  Russia, Suria, Israel