Russia begins opening passport issuance centers to service LPR and DPR residents

In the Russian city of Novoshakhtinsk (Rostov Oblast), a Russian passport center has been opened to service the residents of the territory of the Luhansk region which is under control of pro-Russian militants. It will be able to receive up to 200 applications a day, said the representative of the Main Migration Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kirill Alzinov, as quoted by Russia’s Interfax.

 “As the number of requests grows, we will increase the number of centers,” Alzinov stated. He said that the center is in its trial run. Alzinov also did not specify the exact location of the center.

According to him, residents of the Luhansk region do not have to go to Novoshakhtinsk in person. They can prepare the documents locally and have an authorized person take them to Novoshakhtinsk.

Residents of areas in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are under control of pro-Russian militants, can obtain a Russian citizenship through a simplified process. The full process requires a number of stages, but applicants going through the simplified process do not need to apply for temporary residence or a residence permit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that eventually this policy might be extended to the whole of Ukraine.

Ukraine views the actions of the Russian Federation as a breach of its sovereignty and plans to impose new sectoral sanctions against Russia.

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