Russia blocks sea route to Odessa

On Wednesday, August 15, between 7:00 and 20:00, the north-western portion of the Black Sea, from the Tarkhanut Peninsula to the Danube Delta, was closed to ship movement. According to the Ukrainian Military Portal, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was to blame for the disruption.

Several civilian vessels – the cargo ship Nahide-M, the tankers Hercules and Yukon Star – were forced to stop moving and drop anchors. The civilian vessels Ocean Force and BFP Melody were warned by Russian military ships that they needed to change their courses.

According to the Ukrainian Military Portal, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet blocked the marine region with the Povorino small anti-submarine ship (project 1124M), the KSO-2155 communications boat (project 1388N3) and the Vice Admiral Zakharin naval minesweeper (project 02668). It is currently not known whether other ships were involved.

On August 14, between 14:50 and 16:36 in the vicinity of the Tarkhanut Peninsula – the Mizhvodne settlement in the Karkinytska Gulf, the Russian coast guard conducted radio drills, identifying possible “dead zones” in the region.

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