Russia builds new military camp in annexed Crimea

Russia continues to deploy equipment to the annexed Crimea and has built a new military camp there, reported the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

Der Spiegel published satellite images showing a military base 30 kilometers from the village of Maryivka in the Leninsky district, with more than a thousand trucks stationed in the fenced sections. Satellite photos show that on March 15 the field was empty, and as of April 13, the territory is completely jammed with Russian military equipment.

As the photos show, the Russian Federation has built another small camp near this base. The "sub-camp" is located to the east of the main territory. Spiegel also points out that last week Russia built a new temporary military base near Voronezh.

According to the Conflict Intelligence Team, units of the 58th Army, for example, the 136th Motorized Rifle and the 291st Artillery Brigade may be stationed in the camp. The camp appeared between March 15 and April 2.

In addition, the pictures of the camp show heavy equipment, tanks and self-propelled howitzers Msta-S, which were also transferred to Crimea during the deployment the 58th Army. This may indicate that the camp in the photo is not the only one where military units transferred from North Caucasus are stationed.

Last week, Russia, under the pretext of military exercises, said it will block the Kerch Strait for six months.

Russia sent 15 warships from Caspian to the Black Sea to take part in these exercises. The day before, Russia deployed more than 50 fighter jets to the annexed Crimea.

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