Russia claims that priest visited imprisoned filmmaker Sentsov

Bogdan Vasiluk, a priest of St. George Church in the town of Labytnangi visited a political prisoner, filmmaker Oleh Sentsov, who is in the Polar Bear penal colony, as reported by the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) of Russia for the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug on Saturday, August 4.

"Bogdan Vasiluk visited the convicted O. Sentsov’s cell during his visit-round. The Priest asked about his health condition and Oleh Sentsov replied that he feels well and is being treated by medical staff. He has no complaints about the detention conditions,” the press service of the FSIN says.

According to the ministry, the priest offered to talk with the convict or to hear his confession in private. "Sentsov thanked him but refused, explaining that he didn’t need any help from the clergyman," FSIN reports.

Earlier, the international human rights group Amnesty International reported that the Russian government refused to explain why the organization's representatives are prohibited from meeting with Sentsov.

Sentsov was convicted on fabricated charges and sentenced to prison in Russia. He has been on hunger strike since May 14.

  Russia, Oleh Sentsov, Amnesty International