Russia commissions new military icebreaker

On Friday, October 25, the Russian Navy launched “Ivan Papanin”, the chief project 23550 ice-breaker class patrol vessel, into the water in St. Petersburg.

The ship was developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau and can function as a tug, ice-breaker and patrol vessel, TASS reports.

Ivan Papanin was designed to protect and monitor marine resources in difficult ice conditions, to escort, to tug captured ships to port, and to accompany and support supply vessels.

The vessel can also take part in rescue operations and transport special cargo. It has a displacement of roughly 8,500 tons, a length of 100 m, and a width of around 20 m. It can operate independently for approximately 60 days.

The Russians will arm the patrol ship with artillery and a portable anti-aircraft missile system. The vessel is also designed to accommodate a permanent ship helicopter.

The US Navy commissioned a new littoral combat ship, USS Cincinnati (LCS 20), on October 5.

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